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$23 per can

Provent-a-mite™ is the only product that is approved by the EPA &  USDA for use with all species of reptiles, including tortoises. Some  other products illegally make this claim when the product is only EPA  approved for use with snakes or not EPA approved for use with reptiles  at all.

With an application rate for Provent-a-mite™ of only 1 sec/ft2 compared to a rate of 4 sec/ft2 (4  times more based on manufactures label dosage rates) required with some  other products, Provent-a-mite™ uses much less to treat an enclosure  per application and will continue to remain effective for 30 days or  more, making it less expensive than any other product to eradicate an  infestation.

Provent-a-mite™ is specifically formulated for use with all reptiles  and has been extensively tested to be sure it will not pose any health  risk to a reptile, either acutely or chronically when used as directed.  No other product has our patented formula and many other formulas,  despite any claim, do use chemicals that may potentially harm your  animals. Since all formulas are a trade secret, there is no way to tell.  Only by using an EPA registered product specifically approved for use  with all reptiles will you have the assurance and peace of mind that the  product will not cause any adverse effects.

No current product can make any claim that it will kill eggs.  Provent-a-mite™ is the only product that is proven to provide long-term  residual protection, so it will kill any larval mites or ticks when they  hatch and try to infest your reptiles. All other products quickly break  down, becoming ineffective soon after drying.

Provent-a-mite™ uses a water based formula, instead of a solvent  based mixture and has been tested extensively and used successfully for  more than 25 years by leading zoos, breeders and hobbyists worldwide,  assuring it will not create any health risk to your animals when used as  directed.


How To Use

  • Remove your reptile's water
  • Spray the enclosure, bedding, and any cage furnishings (except food and water dishes)
  • Allow to dry completely. 15 minutes minimum but we give it a solid hour just to be sure.
  • Put water and/or food dishes back into the tank.
  • Place the animal back into the enclosure.
  • Most mites will be dead within 24 hours
  • Crickets or any other insects will be affected by this product so  if you feed insects to your reptile we recommend doing it in a separate  enclosure.
  • Repeat in 30 days. 2 treatments are recommended to completely eliminate mites and prevent them from coming back.

Egg Crate Flats

$1 each

$10 a dozen

12" x 12" Industrial strength paper Cartons. Used for extra living space for crickets, roaches, and other feeder insects.